The ADA requires that:

  • Transportation agencies provide accessible vehicles, trained personnel and information in an accessible format that the customer can use.
  • An individual with a disability must be able to board and ride a public bus, train, car or van.
  • Lifts, ramps, and securement devices must be operational and capable of handling all common mobility devices as required by the ADA and company policy.

ADA regulations require that all employees of a transportation company who are involved in service delivery to people with disabilities be trained proficiently so that they properly operate and maintain accessibility equipment, such as lifts and the securement system on buses, and provide service in a courteous and respectful manner with attention to the differences among individuals. The ADA prohibits discriminatory actions toward people with disabilities. Motorcoach companies must ensure that employees are trained in both the technical skills required of their position and appropriate customer service delivery.

More discussion will take place at the August 19 employee meeting. See that link below for guidance on ADA and Motorcoach.