One of the more frequently occurring accidents involving motorcoach
drivers is the “Right-Hand Squeeze.” The coach driver attempts to
make a right hand turn at an intersection when a passenger vehicle tries to
“squeeze by” on the right side of the coach and gets pinned against the curb
by the coach. Contact is usually on the right side of the coach and the left
front of the passenger automobile.The driver of the car frequently states that
he was unaware the coach was making a turn and that the coach turned from
the middle lane.

Here are some suggestions provided by Lancer Insurance to help  drivers avoid these accidents

 Activate your turn signal well before the intersection. Make it clear
to everyone that your intention is to turn.

 Block the right hand lane. Do not allow enough space between the
coach and the curb to let a car get by you on the right side.

 Check your mirrors frequently. Double check, triple check and then
check them again. Do not assume the coast is clear. Cars are small and
fast and coaches are big and slow and have large blind spots.

 If you see a car on the right side of the coach, STOP. It is better to
have a misunderstanding than an accident. Let the car go by if you
can, or let it get out of the danger zone before proceeding.

 Anticipate danger. If a right turn cannot be safely executed, choose
another route to avoid the turn . Seek alternate routes and
safe passage.

If an accident does occur, remember to contact Dispatch; complete an accident report, including the Courtesy Cards for collection of witness names; and take photos.