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CMV Driving Tips – FMCSA Web Pages

Even the most well-trained, safety-conscious commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver is at risk of engaging in driving behaviors that could lead to a crash on today’s crowded highways. Weather conditions or road conditions change and suddenly “driving too fast for conditions” becomes a risk factor. Failing to look or looking and not seeing, impaired performance…

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Americans with Disabilities Act

The ADA requires that: Transportation agencies provide accessible vehicles, trained personnel and information in an accessible format that the customer can use. An individual with a disability must be able to board and ride a public bus, train, car or van. Lifts, ramps, and securement devices must be operational and capable of handling all common…

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How Well Do You Know Your Motorcoach?

Many of us struggle from time to time remembering what button does what or how to start the darn vehicle when we haven’t driven a certain model coach for some time. New operators are provided with photos of dash controls for each make so they can review them prior to sitting in the seat of…

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CMV Equipment theft and potential weaponization

Recently, a Motorcoach was stolen while idling at a pickup point for passengers. Two Motorcoaches were staged and waiting to be loaded with passengers when the first Motorcoach drove away. The vehicle was, as is common, left running while the driver was preparing to load passengers. The vehicle was boarded by a thief, and driven…

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