Good morning drivers.

To help clear up an issue with checking the fluids and levels on the buses,

Here is the proper way to check.

When you do your pretrip, the first one is the OIL.

Pull out the dipstick first and wipe off, then put back in, then pull out again to see level.

The picture above is the OIL dipstick cleaned off.

If the OIL level is just above the ADD line and in the hash mark area, you are good to go.

If the level is right at or just below the ADD line—-ADD 1 GALLON of OIL.

Here is the proper level of OIL on the dipstick.


Next is the TRANSMISSION dipstick.


Once you check your OIL, belts, coolant level,

Go into coach and start it up. Wait for about 2 minutes, then go back to the engine compartment and pull out the TRANSMISSION dipstick.

If the level of transmission fluid is in the COLD region, you are good to go. The fluid will rise into the hot area after running it for a while.

Add TRANSMISSION fluid only if there is NO fluid on the stick, otherwise your good to go.


Next is COOLANT.

If the coolant level is present and it is within the proper range, your good to go.

If the coolant level is at the low end of the range and you can see the coolant, your still good to go, because the coolant will expand and will go to proper level.


Any questions about this post, please call me.

Thank you

Charles———-Driver trainer