Below is a picture of your driver packet.

In the RED circled area is where you put your mileage.


In the LIGHT BLUE area is where you put your fuel information  this is for BUS FUEL ONLY-not bump cars.


In the BLACK area is your TIME CARD. ((Please keep in mind, your time card and your logs  DO NOT have to match.)) They are separate from each other.






In the CIRCLED area, is where you put your Hotel, Meals, Gas(BUMP CARS ONLY), Tolls, Service to the buses ONLY, NOT FUEL for buses, that goes on the front of your packet.


In this area, is where your put your STATE MILEAGE. We need the mileage for each state that we travel in because we pay state taxes to each state to travel on their roads, i.e. IFTA—International Fuel Tax Agreement. So please remember to record your state mileage as you cross the border into that state.




Also please remember to mark down your MIDNIGHT MILES if your are traveling after midnight. Your starting a new day, so it is important you remember this.


Any questions, please feel free to contact me.