Many of us struggle from time to time remembering what button does what or how to start the darn vehicle when we haven’t driven a certain model coach for some time. New operators are provided with photos of dash controls for each make so they can review them prior to sitting in the seat of the bus assigned to their next trip. This is in hopes they will feel less anxiety and have some sense of familiarity with the machine they are about to drive. It occurred to me that this information may be helpful for all operators to have. Listed below are links to the website for each make of vehicle we have in our fleet. Please take some time to review this information about our coaches. The sites contain photos, videos and descriptions on various components of each vehicle that you may find useful and interesting at the same time.

TEMSA Tutorials

Don’t forget that your mechanics are also a good resource when it comes to answering your questions as well. Flag one of them down from time to time when you need a refresher on any particular mechanical question.

The more comfortable you are with the equipment you are operating, the more enjoyable your ride will be for your passengers and yourself! Happy driving everyone!