Good morning drivers,

As the Safety Management System monitor, i have noticed that alot of you, and you know who you are,

i have not seen any activity on the courses for some time now. I understand it is the busy season as well as i am aware that we are all tired after a charter, I Get IT, but

this system is in place for a reason. Trent has spent a great deal of money to implement this system to help us as we (ALL OF US) grow as a successful company.

The courses have very helpful information within. Please use your downtime in your charter to start working on the courses. You are being paid while you sit there anyway, let’s work on these PLEASE.

Also, i would like a confirmation reply to this post from all.

Sorry to be a damper on a Monday morning, but we need to see action.

Any questions, email me here.

Thanks for your cooperation


Safety Management System Monitor