Good morning drivers,

As you know, summer season is officially upon us. That being said, our wonderful D.O.T. officials will be on the increase for roadside inspections.

Rest areas are a favorite spot to suprise buses and trucks. As your driving along, please be on the lookout around rest areas for D.O.T signs saying “All buses and Trucks must enter”.

A few things to help move the inspection along easier:

Please make sure you know where your reflective triangles are

Please make sure you know where your fire extinguishers are

Please make sure the black book has the proper paper work  in it( Insurance, Registration, DVIR’S)

Please make sure your log book is up-to-date, also make sure your 7 day prior is with you.

If you do get a ROADSIDE INSPECTION done regardless whether you get a violation or not, you MUST inform Gwen as to when you did(I.E. Date and Time and where it took place)

On your log book, if you do get an inspection done, you should be ((((((( ON-DUTY NOT DRIVING)))))))) during the entire time the inspection is being done.

Any questions, please contact myself or Gwen

Thank you and HAPPY TRAILS