Good afternoon drivers,

We have been receiving phones calls from motorists about how the buses in our groups

are following way to close to one another. Drivers please keep in mind, people are watching everywhere.

We have also received calls from within the buses themselves (i.e our customers) stating that they feel uneasy and not safe  by the way

the drivers are driving. Not everyone is doing this, but those that are, please please distance yourself from the bus in front of you.

The standard rule is for every 10 feet of vehicle, there should be one second of following distance.

So if you have a 45 foot vehicle, your following distance should be a minimum of 4.5 seconds.

To find out your distance, watch the vehicle in front of you, once it passes a fixed object (i.e Bridge overpass, mile marker sign, or exit sign) start counting

1001, 1002,  1003, 1004 etc. You get the idea.

Drivers PLEASE follow this rule so our customers and the general public feel safe.

On a multi-bus move, we all going to the same location, so there should be no reason to be following that close to one another.

Your reaction time is severely reduced when following to close. Let’s not meet by ACCIDENT.